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6 Week Stress Less Package


Are you feeling stressed at work? In your relationship? Even having financial difficulties etc..?

Some of us cope with these stressful events differently. Did you know that the build-up of tension can have an adverse effect on your physical and emotional health? The stress less package is designed to suit your individual needs to help you cope, manage your stress levels and improve your health and vitality. Booking for your stress less package you get 4 consultations (either acupuncture or naturopathy) and herbal supplements to suit your individual needs.

4 Week Detox Package


Is Toxicity the reason you feel unwell? Do you regularly suffer from bloating, diarrhoea, constipation or other digestive disturbances?

Are you often tired and lethargic, Are you regularly suffer from muscle aches, headaches , mood swings, depression etc..

In our busy modern world, toxins are very common. We accumulate toxins from the environment , foods, pollutants, air , water and more. Also we tend to accumulate internal toxins from unfriendly bacteria, yeasts and parasites that we  carry in our digestive system.

Doing regular detox improves your health. And make you feel and look healthier.

This package includes 3 consultations with recommended supplements for Detox.

6 Week Boost your Immunity Pacakge


Getting sick too often

Do you have poor immunity?

Many people have not felt 100% since having a virus or other infection . chronic infections can deplete you and lower your immunity and make you susceptible to catching every bug around you. .

In order to have a healthy immune system you need to ensure that your digestive system is also healthy . About 70% of Immune system is located in the gut.  Boost your immunity package is designed to strengthen your immune system, reduces the incidence of the common cold and other infections.


Remember how great it feels to be 100% truly healthy again !!!

8 Weeks Anti Aging Turn The Clock Package


Healthy body and skin

We are concerned with our body image and appearance constantly. Few things can damage our skin like oxidative stress from the environment, alcohol, smoking .Also lacking the right nutrients in our food..

Did you know the your skin is mirror on your internal health

The Antiaging Turn the clock package allows you to enjoy 3 sessions of cosmetic acupuncture along with herbal supplements and vitamins to boost your collagen and give you youthful and vibrant appearance.

Cosmetic acupuncture is non-surgical treatment involving the use of fine needles on the face and the body to stimulate collagen production and makes your skin tighter and smoother..

6 Week Weight Loss Package


Make you weight loss journey easy!

In this package you receive six consultations, eating plan. herbal supplements  and meal replacements  to support your weight loss journey.

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